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Frequently Asked Questions

Got Any Questions?

What is Eduflix?

Eduflix is an educational resource for secondary school students. The videos clips are directly linked to the department of education curriculum specifications. Learning has progressed, no longer is classroom engagement the only way to develop knowledge and skills. It is also more difficult to engage learners in traditional methods of teaching. These videos are used to engage students in a fun way and to appeal to a variety of learning styles.

What do I get when signing up for Eduflix?

Access to a range of curriculum-based animated videos on Business

Can you download the videos?

Eduflix does not allow videos to be download but watched online

Will there be more subjects to avail of?

A variety of subjects will be added in the coming months. Watch this space!

Can more than one person use the account?

Only one student can access the account at any time.

Can a teacher get full access for students?

A teacher can get access and use as a resource in the classroom to help engage students.

Is there a family discount?

Not at the minute but as we add more subjects, we will look at this again.

What if I have further questions that are not answered here?

Not at the minute but as we add more subjects, we will look at this again.

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